1Driving.com offers an online Defensive Driving course for Texas drivers. As a Driving Safety Course Provider they are licensed by the State of Texas and have graduated over 30,000 students from their online school.


1Driving.com's website was outdated and required an overhaul. They needed the site to be modern and inviting while reflecting the advantages of their course.

In addition, 1Driving.com required an analytics package that would be self-hosted, meaning they would own their analytics data without the need to share vital information with Google or another 3rd party provider.

1Driving.com also desired a short video to help enhance their conversion rate and convey the unique features of their course.


I rebuilt 1Driving.com's website from scratch to ensure a totally unique look and feel to the site. A clean design with a clear call to action proved to nearly double 1Driving.com's visitor conversion rate.

I produced a 100 second promotional video for the course which placed a real life spokesperson into a 3D world. Entertaining and informative, this video served to further increase 1Driving.com's conversion rates.

In addition, I installed and configured the open source analytics software Matomo on 1Driving.com's server, allowing private collection and storage of analytics data.
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