PRO EDU, LLC administers the operations of multiple online schools. They provide the underlying tech support, licensing and management for adult and continuing education courses.


PRO EDU, LLC's requirements were 3-fold. First, a ticketing system was needed to keep track of student support requests and to monitor support staff performance.

Next, there was a desire for a voice over IP phone system to handle routing of school specific calls to the appropriate support staff.

Finally, The majority of PRO EDU, LLC's staff worked remotely which meant having a virtual office was imperative to maintain coordination between staff and to host company meetings and training sessions.


Several software solutions were implemented to achieve the desired outcomes. First, the robust and customizable ticketing system, OS Ticket, was deployed on a corporate server. Built-in APIs were used to send ticket information direct between servers, providing a secure method to deliver support requests. This system has allowed PRO EDU, LLC to manage support requests faster and with greater accuracy, increasing customer satisfaction.

A custom IVR phone system was built and integrated into their existing student management software using the Twilio API. Staff can now make and receive customer phone calls direct from their browsers, allowing them to field calls from any location.

A virtual office environment was created by deploying the open source communication software RocketChat. Built on Node.js, RocketChat facilitates real-time staff to staff direct messages, file sharing and video conferencing. The coordination between staff members is now better than in a traditional office environment.
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