Pro Ground School offers online FAA Private Pilot ground school to aviation students. The course leads to a completion certificate, endorsed by a licensed FAA Flight instructor whuch allows students to take their written FAA Knowledge Exam.


It was essential that students enrolled in Pro Ground School's training course would experience the same exam environment and calculation tools which would be available to them when take the FAA proctored exam.

This required interactive aeronautical charts and a special exam implementation which would mimic the functionality of the Federal Aviation Administration's exams. The school also needed the ability to require a review of material which a student may be deficient in.

In addition to these requirements, Pro Ground School needed 3D animations to augment their course material and an automated process for issuing signed PDF course completion certificates.


My solution to these challenges included interactive javascript based aeronautical navigation charts produced using QGIS software to preserve their global orientation and coordinate system. Custom javascript code was written to allow measurement of bearings and distances.

My approach to the exams required adding topic categories to each question in the exam database. This information allowed me to flag particular sections shown to be deficient in a student's exam attempt.

Blender 3D was used to create the requested instructional 3D animations, which were exported in UHD 4K video format and incorporated into the course.
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