The Real Course Learning Management System is a proprietary Software as a Service (SAAS) platform for hosting online professional education courses. Real Course has hosted tens of thousands of student courses using this platform.


Initially built in 2009, the LMS software was in need of upgrades and performance enhancements. The PHP version of the software was outdated and required a migration to the latest version.

I agreed to take over the maintenance and upgrades of the LMS from another developer who was closing their doors. The entire architecture of the LMS would need to be assessed and updated.

Real Course LMS also required an online storefront to showcase the functionalities of their software and provide online purchase options.


I initially analyzed the LMS software with the goal of finding any inherent issues with the code. This involved monitoring the amount of time database querries and other code excecutuions took to complete. Several issues were immediately aparent and remedied.

Next, I assessed the code line by line while simultaneously replacing deprecated PHP functions and upgrading all MySLQ calls to MySQLi. I then redeployed the LMS onto faster servers. With these combined measures, Real Course LMS realized a 4x performance increase in their software.

I also created an ecommerece storefront for marketing and selling the Real Course Learning Management System and handle the ongoing maintenace of their software.
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