Zealandia Angel needed a website to showcase her new album and an Electronic Press Kit (EPK) for members of the media to source information for press releases. Her list of streaming links needed to adapt to fans from different countries in order to reflect global licensing agreements.

In addition, she needed the ability to provide her Patreon subscribers with benefits, including raw drone footage from her music video productions. These videos are too large to host on Patreon, but could only be made available to her Patreon subscribers.

For her video productions, Zealandia Angel requested 3D animations and special effects to augment her real life video shoots.


The design of Zealandia Angel's website and EPK incorporated elements from her videos and album art into a semi-interactive layout which emphasised the beauty in her musical creations. A custom streaming links page uses client locale to reorder the stream links based on those most popular in a user's region.

A Patreon API was created to grant access to a members only section of her site for her Patreon subscribers, allowing them to download special content that is too large to host on Patreon.

I also produced 3D animations and VFX for many of her music videos and for the graphics used in her promotions.
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